Anonymous said: I love sucking off my boyfriend <33 I love cock. It's delicious ; )


Anonymous said: I wish a guy would let me fuck him with a strap on.. Unf. That'd be so hot.

I wish a girl would fuck me with a strap-on… that’d be so hot

Anonymous said: I'm a straight girl, and I love bi guys. I think they're fucking sexy. I'd def fuck a bi guy ; )

What are you doing tomorrow night? :)

Anonymous said: My girl friend wants me to give head to a guy and let them put it I'm my but. What should I do? I've already put her strap on in my mouth and my but and I didn't mind it but I don't know if I can handle it being a real penis

Try mine

Anonymous said: Suck me dry! ;)

whip it out, i’m hungry for a week’s worth of cum :)

an old favorite

an old favorite

a very pleasant surprise

More girls are into bi guys than I expected. 

dessert comes first

dessert comes first

hi, you’re cute *follow*

Anonymous said: Do you get horny every time you log onto here? I know I do.


Sometimes I get so horny that I just HAVE to log into Tumblr. Sometimes just logging on makes me horny. I have no complaints :)

Anonymous said: Have you sucked off many str8 guys ?

No, but I really, really, really want to!