Anonymous said: I'm a straight guy looking for a cock to submit to and do anything it wants me to and give back equally. Can you provide?

Yes, abundantly so. If you can submit to my cock fully, I promise I can return the favor.

Anonymous said: awesome blog I'm a biguy who loves huge cocks and loads of cum.. keep up the good stuff

Thanks! I love hearing from my followers!


Anonymous said: check your yahoo mail. isent u a lil sth ;)


but I have fantasized about lying back and being used over and over by a number of guys and girls

scientificsex said: If you're ever in Australia, let me know and I'll my you my little sub. I need a male sub, particularly one who loves cock as much as you.

I think I’d make a good sub, I love to please… some might even say the sub runs the show ;)

I’ll let you know if I’m ever in Australia!

Anonymous said: do you like getting fisted? or have you ever had it done to you? I like to refer to that as "punching cunts".

I’ve never had it done to me, nor have I fantasized about it.

I’ll ask again… :)

I’ll ask again… :)

dirtydx3-deactivated20140207 said: To answer your question of your last reblog both I love your blog and would LOVE to fck you.

I wish more of you were in town! Yes, you can take me :) xx

thegoddesschannel said: Responding to your post: I love your blog & I'd love to fuck you. Deal? :)

Deal! Just promise to reblog all over my face :)

Anonymous said: im i bi guy from holland. just wanna say i love your blog makes me so horny to see all those cocks and cum mmm

Thank you! Come down to the States sometime, I could use some Euro cum :)


draxusj said: yes i love your blog! but i also wanna fuck you so cant i love both?

I’ve got a few minutes and I’m tummy-down in bed, get busy ;)


in-a-mans-mind said: I am a straight 25 year old guy, but after looking at your blog.. you've made me very curious and I'm so hard..

Sometimes, it’s best to stop thinking so hard and to start following that feeling…


which is it?

which is it?

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Anonymous said: I'm a sub, but i'm not sure if you like chubby girls u n u

I do-

I don’t discriminate on body, I only discriminate on mind.