mymexicangoddess-deactivated201 asked: Do you want to love my cock? Lol

Drop your pants and let me see what I’m about to choke on

Anonymous asked: Damn your blog makes me so horny, your responses make me even hornier! You seem like such a good fuck, I love submissive guys... I would love you get you on all fours, ass up, moaning, begging to be fucked! Don't let this blog die :) I love you and it!

Thank you! That made my day! I’ve been incredibly busy with school, but I won’t let this blog die! 

Anonymous asked: OMG I love your cocks! Do you mind if I masturbate while I look?

Please do! I encourage it! 

Cum on a photo of my blog and send it to me

emiliosesso asked: Do you like giving blowjob? Do you like anal sex?



I like to give and receive

thetukishturtle asked: As a straight male I am not able to explain why your tumbler just makes me so fucking horny!!

:) I think you and I know the reason why ;)

Anonymous asked: Veiny or not veiny this is the question. WHich one you find more turn on?

I like both, but veins turn me on more.

slimdadon32 asked: If I submit a pic of my big black cock will you post it up here

make me cum and i’ll post anything 

Anonymous asked: Damn your blog has me rock hard:) im married but still fantasize about sucking cock;) wishing my mouth was full of hot cock right now!

Well, I can think of one solution… :)

mrcock14-deactivated20140410 asked: Would you be interested in getting to know each other? I'd like trade cock pics to see what you got. :-)

Sure, show me what you’re working with ;)

Anonymous asked: I'm 9.5 inches and love my fuckin huge cock. So do boys at the gym

Show me what you’ve got, I’m hungry

dindl asked: Are you in Dallas? Good to know that there are kinded spirits here

I’m to the north, but yes :) Glad to meet you, keep coming

Anonymous asked: I believe that a woman's body is much more sexier than a man's but I also believe that a cock is much more beautiful than a pussy. What do you think? ;-)

i enjoy both, i think i’m firmly bi. 

you’ll mostly see cock on this blog, though :P

Anonymous asked: Do you like uncut cock

yes! i looooove uncut cock! i’m cut myself, but i want to blow an uncut cock. maybe run my tongue under the foreskin on top of his wet, wet glans. 

Anonymous asked: i need a fat cock to suck...where can i get one

come to dallas

wishiwasasissy asked: Do you accept pics of cocks.